Lots of people, sadly, are stricken by one of the following problems when taking their vehicle with an MOT. They either disagree while using outcomes of test because it has not successful incorrectly, or possibly passed incorrectly. The second reason is generally an issue associated with new second hands vehicle entrepreneurs.

If you feel you’ve not successful you MOT test on incorrect grounds, you need to get hold of your MOT test station prior to beginning any repairs. Clearly, you are still not allowed to operate a vehicle the car yet since it has not successful an MOT test.

The following factor would be to complain for the Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA) by completing a VT17 form, which your MOT test station supply you with. Otherwise, ring the VOSA helpline and ask for for your form to become shipped for you instantly.

You’ll be able to only appeal inside a short while (14 days in the test). Whenever your appeal is received, VOSA will book you place for an additional MOT test. However, you will need to cover the whole test fee. Whether it’s learned that the MOT tester was essentially incorrect, you will have a couple of from the fee came back, however, once the original MOT test was correct you will need to perform repairs before you’ll have the ability to drive again.

If you feel your automobile has happened an MOT incorrectly, it’s your duty to ring VOSA immediately to have the ability to make an MOT test appointment. Electric power charge with this particular test is prone to conditions. VOSA offer a reverse phone lookup free of charge once the vehicle was last MOT examined under three several days ago when the problem is corrosion otherwise it’s a maximum of 4 days ago for nearly every other problem.

Remember if you are receiving any difficulties with your MOT, it may be wise to ring VOSA to offer the vehicle retested. This can be within an additional cost, but it’ll see whether your automobile is presently safe or else.

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