Mercedes Benz cars offer a number of modern features like dimming rear view, climate control using dual zone technology, audio connectivity, LED running lamps and many such new features along with exemplary performance and luxury with very high safety standards.

Following are few good reasons that you must prefer to buy Mercedes C Class vehicle.

  1. Style with substance

Any product that emerges from Mercedes-Benz becomes the one of the biggest crazes of people all over the world. The latest Mercedes-Benz C-class has also maintained the tempo in design wise as well as in its look wise.

  1. Luxurious interior

Mercedes has maintained their standard while designing the cabin where you will find high quality materials that you can only find in any executive saloon, well finished interior and leather seats.

  1. High technology

There is no shortage of technology from the house of Mercedes-Benz. In their C-class model you can find facilities for navigation, connectivity and entertainment like Bluetooth and DAB radio in their models. In various controller you will find touch sensitive switches.

  1. Drive like Lewis

While driving Mercedes-Benz C-class you will get the feel as if you are driving like F1 championship-winning car driven by Lewis Hamilton by choosing the proper set up of the car.

  1. Driver assistant package

This provides a system to detect automatically the possibility of collision and give alert to the driver. In case the driver fails to notice the alert or does not react in timely manner then there is radar based automatic braking system provided in the car which will promptly get activated and protect the car. This will allow the driver to drive almost carefree on the busy road.

  1. Ride like any VIP person

You can get the set-up options which also includes the air suspension option and the ride quality is like the other luxury model of S-class. So, you will get a VIP feeling while on the wheel.

  1. It is almost like mini S-class

You can observe many of the DNA of the S-class models of Mercedes. At certain angle it may look almost like any downsize version of S-class models which is the most favorite cars of any chauffeur.

  1. It is a star attraction on the road

If you are looking for any executive saloon type of car in the market with proper comfort with 3-pointed star on its bonnet then you will find it in the Mercedes Benz C-class models.

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