When it comes to buying a used car, people have two choices. Either buy an old car at a less price or enjoy the latest models under warranty. You need to consider many factors such as mileage, appearance, comfort, price, etc. before deciding.

Low Mileage Toyota Corolla 2003 model

This model of Toyota has got a hypothetical 4 speed automatic engine and a few other basics such as AM/ cassette/ FM/ with CD player. Unlike new Mercedes model, this 9 years old model is basically a clean car with 20K miles on it.

High Mileage Nissan Versa 2011 model

This model also has a hypothetical 4 speed automatic engine and comes in a well loaded condition. Due to more than two years of use with 25,000 miles on it, it is assumed to be a clean car, just like Toyota Corolla.

The only thing that keeps people from buying it, is that it does not have any power locks and windows. It would run well, but its suspension will not of very high quality. Also, interior could be more susceptible to wear and tear.

Important considerations when buying a used car

The first and foremost step in this regard would be to obtain the complete vehicle history report. Ensure that it has been used by a single owner. If you get an opportunity, then do check all of its maintenance records that are mentioned in the vehicle history.

You must also find out the duration for which the car has been kept idle. The low mileage of a car could be an indication that it has been a part of an estate. Due to which it had been not used for some time.

When you visit a car dealer to take a test drive of a used car, it is better not to bring children to the place. You can bring their seats to find out how much front-room leg space will there be in case of a rear-facing seat.

Children as they grow would move to a different seat, that enables them more front-passenger leg space. So, ensure that the car you choose is spacious and comfortable to drive.

Reasons to prefer new used car models

Newer used car with low mileage is more preferred than going with an old one with low mileage. You may also get some warranty on the newer car. In addition to it, basic items such as hoses and seals will be in good state.


Buying a car is not an easy decision. It is a big investment. You need to be thoroughly prepared when parking your money in it. The above information will definitely help you in making the right selection.

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