Buying a new car is great, but that fun can easily be washed out if it starts breaking down shortly after. Of course, if it is brand new you would not have to worry, but what if you want to get a used vehicle? Perhaps you want to spend your money wisely, find a good deal, order auto transport and not worry about a thing afterwards.

That is all fine, but if you do not know which cars are reliable, you may end up making a terrible decision. To save you that headache we have gone through the most reliable marques and models on the market, to give you an idea of what you can buy used. And even if you go with a new car, it is still worth it to know what can last you a decade, and what is likely to give up on you in a couple of years or so.

Model #1: Toyota Yaris

Toyota are famous for their top performance when it comes to building a decent vehicle. They know their craft, which is why it is rare to see a model from that manufacturer to receive bad marks. That being said, certain models do exceptionally well in terms of reliability and Toyota Yaris is one of them.

If you are on the look for a very efficient and compact vehicle, that one is definitely great for you. However, it is a bit on the slow side and does not have enough space for more than two people on a regular basis. It is still a comfortable city ride though!

Model #2: Mazda 3

Although Mazda are not as big as Toyota, they are still a reputable company. Again, a Japanese brand has something to teach us with how they handle reliability. Sadly though, Mazda 3 is again on the smaller side of vehicles, and is what we would call compact. It does come in a hatchback and sedan options, so you have some choice here, though not that big, for sure.

Model #3: Honda CR-V

What can we say about that great vehicle? It is a city SUV that can actually hold its own on off-road tracks as well. It is a great machine and it won’t give up on you even after years of use. It is actually one of the models that is known to last for generations. Certain units that are more than 15 years old are still running fine and without issues. That should tell you something about Japanese manufacturing!

Model #4: Dodge Challenger

Finally, an American car on the list! In fact, it is very difficult to find an American model that can fit our criteria of a reliable vehicle. Luckily this sporty car falls into that category, so you won’t go wrong if you pick it up. As far these kinds of cars go, the Challenger is perhaps one of the best deals out there!

Model #5: Toyota 4Runner

Lastly, we are back to Toyota. Honestly, if you look at similar lists on the internet, Toyota dominates them all and that is not without reason. The 4Runner has been a staple in the reliability category, and it has remained unbeaten so far. It gets excellent scores each year, and the fact that it is a big SUV also helps a lot.

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