The majority of car buyers concentrate on the price and ignore other areas like trade-in, financing, car insurance, and extended warranties. But, buying a car is more than just negotiating the new car price. Read on to understand the real secret to getting the best price for a new car:

Getting Prices from Different Dealers

Most dealers will give you discounted prices with zero negotiation if they know you are obtaining prices from their competitors and you call them over the phone or online. Collecting more dealers provides better choices and let you end up with a great deal. If you get the same pricing from two or three dealers, get more quotes from others. Focus on getting different prices by contacting as many dealers as you can.

Give Dealers Chance to Beat Lowest Bid

After getting price bids from several car dealers, compare and identify the one that provided you with the best deal. See which dealer offered the lowest new car price in relation to the invoice. Then, check out the extra fees that the dealer will require you to pay. Adding these fees up will help you figure out which dealer offered the lowest price. Once you determine the lowest overall price, start calling managers, and give them a chance to beat the price. Customize every phone call or email to a specific dealer to consider the various fees you have encountered. Make sure you give every dealer an incentive for lowering their bid. This incentive is the promise of offering them a 100% rating on customer satisfaction surveys.

How this Approach Works

Car dealers will try to make sure you don’t realize new cars are commodities. If you are the auto market and come across dealers selling the same offers, it just does not make sense to purchase from the first without checking out what others can offer you with. The key here is to catching the right dealer.

Expect car dealers to sell vehicles below the cost if you catch them at the right time. The reasons might be to meet a sales quota and just to achieve a sale or two. They may want to get rid of a vehicle that has been sitting on their lot for too long. Catching a dealer during these times will allow you to land an awesome deal without much effort. Therefore, cast your net far and wide to find the perfect car-buying opportunities.

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