The German Company BMW sells motorcycles under the brand name of BMW Motorrad.  BMW Motorrad has been manufacturing motorcycles since 1923, so it’s not a wonder that they have produced some exceptional motorcycles. The motorcycle lovers who cannot afford a new motorcycle can go for an old BMW motorcycle. A few of the BMW’s best motorcycle on the basis of owners rating of Engine, Brakes, Handling, Comfort and Build are discussed below.


This wonder machine of BMW Motorrad is one of the best-rated motorcycles. The WSB-homologated RR was introduced in April 2008 and BMW began its commercial production in 2010. The S1000RR went through a slight makeover to improve its performance in 2012. The S1000RR boasts of the following that make it a desired sports bike

  • A liquid cooled 14,000-rpm redlined 193bhp engine
  • Hard acceleration – it goes from 0 to 100km in 3.1 seconds
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) electronic suspension
  • Optional electronic traction control and cruise control.

BMW R1100S

BMW R1100S was launched in 1999. This BMW motorcycle was the first BMW having the following

  • Clip-on handlebar
  • Rear set footrests
  • A removable cowl to cover the pillion seat

The primary features of R1100S that make it one of the top rated BMW are as follows

  • A 1085 cc fuel injected eight valve engines with air-cooledcylinders and oil cooled heads.
  • Maximum output of 98bhp at an rpm of 8400
  • Six-speed transmission
  • Classic cult motorbike due to its Boxer Cup form.

BMW K1200R

K1200R was launched in 2005 as the world’s most powerful naked bike that had a power output of 163 bhp. The unique styling enjoyed by K1200R made it one of the top five rated motorcycle. The basic features displayed by K1200R are

  • Bug-eyed headlights
  • Duo-lever suspension
  • Steeply canted forward engine
  • Good wind protection
  • 1,157 cc inline-four engine with a maximum output of 163bhp at 10250 rpm
  • Strong acceleration – from 0 to 60mph in 2.6 seconds.


K1200LT is a luxury tourer launched by BMW in 1999. It is 390kg giant powered by 115bhp liquid-cooled transverse mounted inline 4-cylinder DOHC. It has all the comforts available, either in the standard model or as an optional buy, for a mile eating comfortable drive. K1200LT is one of the world’s best long distance bikes with a top speed of 230 to 253 kmph.

These beauties are a few of the top rated BMW creations. The kind of performance they provide is unique. Many of the BMW’S popular models are now discontinued or upgraded. You can easily acquire one of these moto usagé BMW powerhouses from a used bike seller, to become the proud owner of any of these beauties.

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