A common mistake that people often make while buying a used car is that they don’t judge the vehicle based on the efficiency of the ride or on the test drive. Also, the paper works of a used car is important and should be checked before committing to purchase. The service history of every used car is also one of the essential elements that must be considered.

The service history of cars is usually about the works that has been done on the maintenance regardless of its expenses, time period and difficulty in completing the task. One of the most common performed tasks on a car generally is changing its oil after a certain period of time.

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Service records of the car

There are many maintenance works carried out for example, changing sparking plugs etc. If the spark plugs are worn out or covered with build-up, there is a possibility that the engine will not operate efficiently. This means, you need to spend extra cost on fuel and might lead to total breakdown in the future. Besides, it is also essential to keep the tires in balance which will help it to rotate. Having the right kind of alignment also helps the car to move without much of a hassle and need to change the four tires which might turn out to be extremely costly.

Apart from that, there are also some other important history of a car which is essential to look for. For example, like inspection history and also individual’s history. The inspection will also help you note down the history of whether the car has had any recent check of roadworthiness and also know the state of the car based on the result. If the result is not up to the mark, you would know whether to purchase the car or not. History of owners will also help you know how the car has been treated under his surveillance and also the reason for selling the car. You might wish to know about it further.


The owner of the car might tell you about the current condition of the car. For example, an owner who is operating a taxi company or somebody who leases the car on rent might possibly have used the car a lot thereby the mileage of the vehicle would be more. Besides, the vehicle would have possibly gone through more maintenance work than cars driven by a self-owned driver.

If such incidents have already been analysed, you can also check for other elements like air bags, working of the other interior components to make sure they are in proper condition. In addition to that, you can also look for factors like rusting, water damage possibility as a result of which flooding might take place in the car.

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