While renting is definitely a much better option than hiring a moving service because not only you are going to do things much faster, but you will also make sure all of your items are packed and loaded properly. Many moving companies tend to put the blame on their customers if the items get damaged in the process, because they don’t really care what’s inside of the boxes.

Where to rent?

Today, there are many companies which will allow you to rent vans for personal use, and doing so is going to be much cheaper than hiring a moving company. Renting from Self Move Hire or other similar companies that provide a big van is definitely the best choice, however, if you are moving only a couple of items, then you can rent smaller vans instead, which is the beauty of renting, as pricing scales with size.

Organize your boxes

In order to make sure that the packing process goes smoothly, before you even rent a van, you should pack all of your boxes. Putting similar items into a box is going to make sure that you can organize them better while loading them into a van, and having some kind if list where you can mark things that you packed is quite useful as well.

By being prepared before you even rent, you are efficiently going to save up some money right of the bat, since renting is usually done per hour, or daily, depending on the company. Sometimes it is a much better idea to rent for multiple days, because the prices are usually not that different.

Planning things out will save you a lot of time

Loading priorities

When packing a van, it is very important to store some heavy and unbreakable items on the “floor” of the van, since then you can use the rest of the vertical space to store lighter and breakable items. This is a very simple and efficient tactic.

While renting, if you mention that you are moving some companies are going to provide you with tools that are quite handy. If you decide to van hire Sydney to Brisbane from Go With The Gecko you will probably receive some straps and ropes which are intended for such situations, and they are definitely quite a time saver.

Make sure to park properly

One of the things that people tend to have problems with while renting a van is the parking, as vans are usually much bigger than cars. It is quite a good idea to practice parking your van, and to look for a spot which is suitable for loading and unloading your packages.

Packing is easier with friends

Final Word

Rental companies are definitely a great choice if you want to make sure that your items are safe during the transport. It is a much better idea to just hire a van and transport some valuable items by yourself while moving instead of trusting them to someone else.

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