Have you been thinking of giving your car a wash? Probably your car deserves more than a mere wash. It takes you back and forth to work and from one errand to the next. You should reward your car and ride in higher style. It would be possible by giving it a car care makeover. Apparently, you are not a mechanic. Therefore, you may not be able to do much of a tune up. You could certainly take your car to Subaru Grand Portage Auto and get it purring again.

Soap your car

Prior to you starting to work on the details, you should make the car nice and clean on the outside. Several people would do this quite often. However, they may neglect the rest of the car care makeover. Do not be stingy with the soap. You should use a big sponge and provide your car a soapy sponge bath. When you are done, you should rinse the car in the best manner. After the soap is gone, you may see something close to the original car colour, when you purchased it.

Polishing the shell of the car

You may have already soaped your car down. However, you should ensure that you finish the job with a nice coat of polish. It would be pertinent to mention here that car polish does not cost much. However, it would definitely make your car shine pretty. You should use two or three coats of polish on your car. It would show you care for your car.

Shine those wheels for you

It is imperative that you take care of your wheels in the best possible manner. They have been what rolls between you and the road. It does not only look good, but it has been a great safety measure for preserving the integrity of your car’s wheels. You should wash them well. You could even look forward to applying some tyre shine for your car care makeover. However, during these makeovers, you should rinse your tyres and rims regularly.

Wax for extra car care needs

In order to finish off the perfect car care makeover needs, you cannot do without applying car wax. This would provide your vehicle that extra shine that you may not have seen since the day you picked it out of the showroom. However, do not be tempted to take the easy road. Be patient and apply three liberal coats of wax. It would last long enough to provide your car with that additional gleam.


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