As every vehicle owner knows, you can never get enough power out of your engine. Extra power allows cars to accelerate faster and trucks to pull harder. If you are dissatisfied with the performance of your engine, there are lots of ways you can add extra power. Take a look at the following five methods to boost the power of your vehicle’s engine.

1. Add a Turbocharger or Supercharger

One of the best ways to enhance the power of your engine is to install a turbocharger. A turbocharger increases the airflow to your engine, allowing it to burn more fuel to increase its power. A turbocharger is a great way to increase your car’s power without adding a lot of weight to slow you down. A supercharger has the same effect as a turbocharger, but it uses a belt connected to the engine to force more air into your system. This means that you get an instant power boost with a supercharger instead of the slight delay that occurs with a turbocharger.

2. Add a New Exhaust

Another smart way to increase your horsepower is to get a new catalytic converter and muffler so that your car has greater airflow out the exhaust. Just as adding more airflow to your engine with a turbocharger will ramp up its power, allowing the air to flow out more quickly from the muffler will greatly improve your engine’s performance.

3. Put in a Chip

One of the easiest ways to boost the power of your engine is to put in a performance computer chip. Most vehicles today come with computer chip settings that make your engine run to maximize efficiency and to reduce emissions. You will never get the full power out of your engine with a factory chip in your vehicle. Adding a high-performance chip will instantly boost your power.

4. Add a Larger Throttle Body

Installing a larger throttle body on your engine is another way to increase the amount of airflow. You can get a big horsepower boost when your throttle body has big flaps. These big flaps allow more air to rush into the engine at the same time, ramping up its power.

5. Install a Performance Cold Air Intake

This is yet another way to increase the amount of airflow to your engine. Every little bit of extra airflow means more fuel is burned, which in turn increases the amount of power your engine generates. Adding a performance cold air intake can triple the amount of cold air that flows to your engine.

These five smart methods will all add significant power to your engine. If you make all these upgrades, you will suddenly have a high-performance vehicle with an engine that gives you all the power you need. Just keep in mind that all these performance upgrades come at the cost of fuel efficiency. You have to burn more fuel if you want to get more power, but that is a small price to pay when your engine provides stellar performance.


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