As technology advances and car manufacturing techniques improve, there is no reason for buyers not to try and find the safest car for them and their family. NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme), which was set up as an independent organisation in 1997 to test new cars in terms of safety aspects across four categories, has just released their latest findings in terms of the safest cars for 2016. Star ratings are awarded out of five in each of the categories.

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What follows is a list, with some indication as to why it was considered safest in its class.

  • Large SUV – Volvo XC 90. Considered the safest car NCAP has ever tested, it received top marks in its class, as it did in 2015. Not only that, for the second year running it is considered to be the safest of all cars, in any segment, on our roads.
  • Small Family Car – Hyundai Ioniq. Worthy of its five-star rating the Ioniq posted high scores in both the Adult (91%) and Child Occupant (80%) categories, as well as in terms of Safety Assist – 82% in the latter.
  • Supermini – Honda Jazz. Scoring a very high 93% in the Adult Occupation category and more than 80% overall, this supermini is a good choice for parents who want to buy their youngsters a safe first car.
  • Large Family Car – Toyota Prius. This popular fourth-generation hybrid scored highly in especially the Safety Assist category which tests cars in terms of what they offer when it comes to innovative safety technology, for example autonomous braking systems and lane keep assist. In the Adult Occupant category it received and impressive 92% too.
  • Large MPV – Ford Galaxy. This MPV scored, like other winners, the maximum 5 stars from NCAP. It received a high overall score across all categories.
  • Small MPV- Volkswagen Touran. You want your children to enjoy maximum safety in the car they’re travelling in. Ths Touran scores a high 89% in the Child Occupant category.
  • Roadster – Mazda MX-5. This convertible scores good marks in all categories, which should be good news for those who still want to feel safe with the wind blowing their hair back!
  • Small SUV – Volkswagen Tiguan. An impressive 96% in the Adult Occupant category and 84% for the Child Occupant makes this the safest car in its class.

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