Buying a snowmobile can be confusing, especially if you are an enthusiast and have never looked beyond renting a model. Sleds are great for enjoying the winter, and just like motorcycles, the cost of snowmobiles are pretty high. It makes sense to check a few models and the right details before making an investment. In this post, you have 6 tips to decide on the right snowmobile.


  • The foremost task is to set a realistic budget. Start by looking around with known resellers and find the range of snowmobiles available with them. In case you need to get extra financing, a good budget will help you with that.
  • Check for the right brands and sellers. Known brands like Ski-doo or Polaris are known for performance, and even if you choose to sell off the model a year later, you can get good returns. As for resellers, look for companies and websites, such as that offer information on the models listed with them!
  • Don’t miss on checking the model completely. If you are unsure of how to check under the hood, you can get an experienced mechanic to do that for you. The overall physical look and appearance can give a fair idea of how well the snowmobile has been maintained. In case there are many bends, scratches and marks, you have reasons to doubt.
  • There are many kinds of snowmobiles. The newer models are going to cost more than the old ones. Try to evaluate and understand the kind of requirement you have, based on which you can decide on the final option. For example, if you are going to use the sled only in the weekends, you don’t need to spend a massive amount.


  • Ask questions. How old is the sled? Who is the previous owner? Was it involved in any major accident? What was the last servicing done? Do you have the maintenance records? These are just some of the questions that must be asked before picking a model. Do not rely on sellers who are hesitant in discussing the history of the model.
  • Taking a test drive is always a better idea, as it gives a fair experience of the ride quality. Also, do start the model and let the power on for at least 10 minutes. This will help in evaluating the electrical elements and lights.

Start checking for options now!

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